Jul 9, 2017

Tree Collagraphs

I have completed Autumn tree collages with students before (see HERE and HERE) however this time I have added a print-making element which also adds more texture. 

We began by drawing a large circle on the top half of our paper. This acted as a guide for creating the foliage. Students were given the option of many pieces of coloured tissue paper and were asked to use only the warm colours for their collage. They tore their paper into small pieces and glued onto their paper, overlapping to create new shapes and colours. We then brushed a thin paste over the collage to smooth down any bumps. Students were then given cardboard in many different thicknesses and textures and asked to create a separate collage on a piece of white card. This time they would cut and glue down cardboard pieces to create only the tree trunk. I told them to think of building a large capital letter 'Y' and building on from there. 
Once both collages were complete, students painted their tree trunk using a thick black acrylic paint, lay it face down onto their tissue paper collage and created the final print. Using a collage to make prints in this way is called a collagraph. I think they turned out beautifully!

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